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Linda Cooper Weddings : The Blog, November 2016

Setting the scene for dinner

25 November 2016

The secret to an elegant table setting is always luxurious simplicity!!  Beautiful glass, china, cutlery, linen and candleholders, 'less is more' regarding the floral arrangements to ensure that guests can easily talk across the table and of course the most perfect grouping of people to interact together!

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Children or no children at your wedding

25 November 2016

Always a difficult subject and you don't want to offend close friends and family.  However, young children and weddings just don't mix well!!  

Babies, through no fault of their own, often disrupt wedding services meaning that one of their parents has to swiftly remove them, thus missing the most important part of the day.  Young children get easily bored so if you do need to include them either try to have them just attend the reception and then leave as guests go into dinner or make sure that you can set up a supervised creche or play area at your wedding venue so that the children can be appropriately entertained and fed. 

The friendliest way of dealing with this often difficult situation is to be gentle but firm and print on the Invitation 'Unfortunately our wedding venue cannot accommodate children'.  So many young parents actually relish a baby/child-free night so may well be really thankful to you!

Tips on making your celebration fabulous

18 November 2016

At Linda Cooper Weddings we eat our way around the very best restaurants throughout the world and work closely with the top caterers to bring our clients a truly high class selection of talented chefs and impeccable waiting staff.

In addition, we are constantly visiting gigs to check out the latest ‘cool’ musicians both in London and Europe and have a great portfolio from which to recommend the perfect fit based on guest numbers, venue, your musical taste and of course your budget.

Here are some tips for making your party perfect...

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Tips on choosing your wedding venue

10 November 2016

First of all decide if you want to have a religious ceremony and if so, check out available dates with your church, synagogue or temple before looking for a venue – especially if you are getting married at a peak time of year or around religious holidays.   That way you can check the correct availability before wasting time looking at Venues that are not available.

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Let them eat cake

4 November 2016

I was invited to the most fabulous birthday brunch party at Balthazar London this morning which was topped off by the most delicious birthday cake created by Claudia Rose. I just loved all those gorgeous coloured meringue flowers.  The cake not only looked stunning but tasted amazing!!

Would be perfect for a Wedding celebration. Let them eat cake!!

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