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Fabulous honeymoon ideas

1 February 2017

I've just returned from a major factfinding trip around Central America and the West Coast.  The coastline of Nicaragua, Guatamala and Costa Rica is breathtaking; looking at the volcanic scenery, mixing with the indigenous people in all those areas and viewing a way of life unchanged for so long....

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Honeymoon Beaches

19 August 2016

Brides Magazine recently published their 10 best honeymoon beaches for 2016. The beaches are, as you would expect, in fabulously exotic and beautiful far flung places including French Polynesia, Mexico and Seychelles.

We absolutely agree that these destinations are wonderful, but also think that you don’t have to travel long-haul to find a gorgeous seaside retreat.   Here are a few which we love, and which prove that you don’t have to go too far to relax in the sun.

Spaggia del Laurito, Positano

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Destination Weddings

25 July 2016

This summer we have been researching some fabulous new destinations for your wedding.   Our wedding planner portfolio includes an ever growing selection of glorious luxury venues around the world, whether you are looking for a beach, country or city location.

So far this year, we have found amazing new venues in Turkey, France, Majorca, South Africa and of course the UK.

Our destination wedding planner experience and knowledge is second to none.

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