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Setting the scene for dinner

25 November 2016

The secret to an elegant table setting is always luxurious simplicity!!  Beautiful glass, china, cutlery, linen and candleholders, 'less is more' regarding the floral arrangements to ensure that guests can easily talk across the table and of course the most perfect grouping of people to interact together!

The food should be of the finest ingredients, stylishly served but not over-garnished and presented on a china plate which will provide an impressive background.  If your main course is Fish and Chips or Sausages and Mash just make sure that they are the finest in their field!  So many people are now looking to more creativity on the first and dessert courses and a much more simple and popular main course. The wines should always complement and not over-power the food and the wine waiters should have good knowledge of the wine and food pairings.

Spend more of your Budget on extra staff to ensure that no guest ever has to wait to have a wine glass filled or sit in front of a dirty plate.  Much better to increase the staff ratio and decrease the amount of table flowers!

No matter how hard you work on your seating plan, guests will always want to make a change!!   Many people are now putting together a table plan but having open seating on each table so that either a Table Host is appointed to greet and seat everyone or guests decide amongst themselves who they would like as their dining companion.  If you have single guests do ensure that a Table Host makes sure that they are welcomed and appropriately seated.  'Open Seating' will save you hours of stress, especially with last minute cancellations; it also keeps the dining table looking so much tidier!


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