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Linda Cooper Weddings : The Blog, February 2017

Valentines Proposals

15 February 2017

So who woke up this morning with a ring on her finger??? If you received the proposal without the ring then no doubt you are already at the jeweller!!

Congratulations to all of you who received a romantic proposal last night, and it's now time to think about the all important wedding. How many guests, when shall we do it, shall we stay in the UK or plan something overseas, how much is it all going to cost, who will perform the ceremony? – so much to think about

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Fabulous honeymoon ideas

1 February 2017

I've just returned from a major factfinding trip around Central America and the West Coast.  The coastline of Nicaragua, Guatamala and Costa Rica is breathtaking; looking at the volcanic scenery, mixing with the indigenous people in all those areas and viewing a way of life unchanged for so long....

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