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Valentines Proposals

15 February 2017

So who woke up this morning with a ring on her finger???   If you received the proposal without the ring then no doubt you are already at the  jeweller!!  

Congratulations to all of you who received a romantic proposal last night , and it's now time to think about the all important wedding.

How many guests, when shall we do it, shall we stay in the UK or plan something overseas, how much is it all going to cost, who will perform the ceremony? – so much to think about.  

Take a big deep breath, get out your newly bought ‘Wedding Planner Notebook’ and start making lists –  all will become much clearer once those lists are started!!  The horrid weather at the moment mustn’t dampen your excitement, but Spring and Summer are not far off so get started!!  Are you going to have a Wedding Planner to help you and your family on the journey?  
If so do hope you will ask us!!

My top suggestions for starting the planning procedure are always:

  • Decide if you are going to have a religious ceremony and if so the most important thing to do is to book the Church, Synagogue, Cathedral etc. and speak to whoever you want to officiate at the ceremony.
  • So, your date is fixed and now you need a venue within easy reach of the ceremony. Decide approximately how many guests you would like – that means having both families making their guest lists.
  • Who is paying for the wedding? Whoever that is, you need to decide on a ballpark figure for your budget (including the dreaded 20% VAT who so many people forget to factor in!) and that will determine how much you are prepared to spend on renting a venue. People always ask me ‘how much will a wedding cost’ and I reply ‘whatever you want to spend’!! You need to be realistic about the cost of your expectations but there will always be a figure above which you won’t go, so keep that in mind!
  • If you want to use the services of a Wedding Planner then don’t do anything before making your choice.  The right Wedding Planner will listen to all your dreams, thoughts, worries and alievate all the stress of researching appropriate venues and suppliers.  They will work within your budget and present you with several venues for you to visit. Once that choice is made then research of all required suppliers to create your perfect wedding will start.
  • Only once the venue has been chosen should you start looking for wedding dresses so that your amazing dress fits perfectly with the ambience of that venue.

This is such a romantic time of year and to those lucky enough to be starting their wedding planning journey, I wish you lots of fun in the process and would be delighted to talk through how we may be able to make that journey even smoother for you!

All good wishes. 
Linda Cooper


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