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Children or no children at your wedding

25 November 2016

Always a difficult subject and you don't want to offend close friends and family.  However, young children and weddings just don't mix well!!  

Babies, through no fault of their own, often disrupt wedding services meaning that one of their parents has to swiftly remove them, thus missing the most important part of the day.  Young children get easily bored so if you do need to include them either try to have them just attend the reception and then leave as guests go into dinner or make sure that you can set up a supervised creche or play area at your wedding venue so that the children can be appropriately entertained and fed. 

The friendliest way of dealing with this often difficult situation is to be gentle but firm and print on the Invitation 'Unfortunately our wedding venue cannot accommodate children'.  So many young parents actually relish a baby/child-free night so may well be really thankful to you!