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Where shall we marry – decisions, decisions

11 July 2019


Often the answer is instantaneous – ‘the village church where I grew up followed by a reception at the family home’ but for others, possibly those who do not have any religious inclinations, there are many more options to consider.

Previously, when the budget and many of the decisions were controlled by the Bride’s parents, the venue was often decided by them. However, with many modern couples being responsible for funding or part-funding their own weddings, they have a much greater opinion on the venue of choice. And it’s not just the actual venue that needs to be considered but the location and even the country.

Your personality and that of your partner will have a lot of sway over the choice of where to marry. If you’re staying in the UK, are you leaning towards pretty quintessential English countryside with rambling churches and country houses or preferring the urban, slightly edgier city venues that can offer a cooler vibe with a boutique hotel and unique style?

Sometimes, the UK doesn’t even make the list as couples opt for a more relaxed Mediterranean location, looking for guaranteed sunshine in Italy or the South of France. These weddings have more chance of relying on the weather to ensure the wedding ceremony can be held outside amongst olive groves or overlooking the sparkling Med. They also mean that the wedding is often a two or three day affair with guests arriving from around the world and the couple hosting a full-on weekend party. If this is your preference, do think about your guests (and especially those with young children). If you are not paying for their hotel accommodation, do make sure there are accommodation options to suit all budgets. Also ensure they are brilliantly looked after from the moment of ‘touch down’ until they kiss you goodbye.

Budget will be a deciding factor on your choice of venue and location. Remember, doing the research should be fun, as you visit different venues and sample what they have to offer. If you have your heart set on somewhere but they don’t have availability on your specific date, consider moving the date. Everything else will fall into place once you have made that venue booking!


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