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Why have one dress, when you can have two

13 June 2019

Lady Gabriella Windsor look stunningly elegant at her wedding last month and in keeping with many modern day brides, she had her designer, Luisa Beccaria, design a second dress for her evening reception. 

It is now more often the case for brides to wear a formal, more demure or classic figure-hugging wedding gown with a long train for the marriage ceremony and main reception but come the time for dancing all that fabric and form-fitting bustier is too restricting.  Many brides now quietly slip away from the dining table to change into a more fun and comfortable dress in which to party the night away into the early hours. 

We also advise at least two or three pairs of bridal shoes! Those high heeled Manolos, Jimmy Choos or Gina’s must be ‘worn in’ several days before the ceremony and whilst they will glide you down the aisle beautifully, several hours of standing later you will want to be kicking them off!  We have also had the odd mishap of ‘high heel collapse’ so a spare pair must be at the ready before that all important moment of walking down the aisle. So many brides now choose to have funky, personalised wedding trainers under their couture gown and definitely those or bare feet for late night dancing – this is all about celebrating a wonderful day and ‘comfort’ is paramount.


It is not always just the bridal party that has a second outfit. Wedding invitations can now include a formal dress code for the day with a black tie evening reception requiring a completely different outfit for both men and women.


Whether you are a guest or the bride, this change can often allow you to express two sides of your personality. As the bride you can be traditional and decorous during the day, with a party-loving frock for the evening. As a guest, you can channel your floaty summer daydream for the ceremony and then replace it with a slinky little dress for the night.


Whoever you are, whatever your style, let your imagination run wild and let the dress shopping begin.


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