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Add a touch of Victoriana to your wedding

13 May 2019

As the hip bride of her day, marrying her beloved Albert at 18, it seems our diminutive Queen still has a far reaching influence when it comes to fashion and style.

The 24th May marks the 200th anniversary of her birth and we’re seeing many Victorian accents being adopted in weddings this year.

If you've always loved the Victorian era and want to incorporate an elegant, antique style into your day, consider your dress, jewels, flowers and stationery to add a sprinkle of Victoriana. 

Starting with your dress – think heavy silk satin, ruffles, bows, seed pearls and lace.

Her dress, with its soft glowing satin, heavy silk Honiton lace, sculpted bodice and full skirt, contrasted with glittering jewellery, flowers in her hair and sheer veil has continued to inspire generations of future brides.

In many ways, Victoria’s became the quintessential wedding dress.

For modern day designers we would recommend you try Sassi Holford, Jenny Packham, Phillipa Lepley or Amanda Wakeley. Each offers dresses of exquisite detail with an abundance of lace, romantic silks and dramatic silhouettes.   

In addition, consider antique jewellery to complement your look. Victoria had diamonds and sapphires but pearls would also suffice.

With your stationery, adopt beautiful embossed borders on the edges of your invitations. Additionally, the writing could be engraved, and the text should be as formal as possible.

And finally, be romantic with your flowers. During this period, floral designs became more lavish, to the point of overflowing. Roses were a popular choice as they symbolised love in the Victorian era, as they still do today. Flowers such as lupins, hollyhocks, lilies, lilac, anemones, lavender, camellias, violets, fuchsias and asters were also popular. 

Whatever Victorian details you decide to incorporate into your day, we hope you have as happy a day as Victoria did:

"My dearest dearest dear Albert sat on a footstall by my side, and his excessive love and affection gave me feelings of heavenly love and happiness, I never could have hoped to have felt before!”


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