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HRH The Duchess of Cambridge in a fabulous dress

11 February 2019

Any potential Bride watching last night’s BAFTA Awards Ceremony couldn’t fail to be captivated by the Alexander McQueen dress chosen by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge – WOW, WOW, WOW! Princess Kate certainly out-shone every single woman at the Royal Albert Hall last night.

That dress, with an extra shoulder, could so easily make the most stunning bridal gown, teamed with a floaty veil – something to think of if you’re considering a light, easy flowing gown to glide you down the aisle.

If your wedding is taking place later this year no doubt you will already be in the process of find the perfect dress and even if you are planning a 2020 Wedding, do start looking now – the selection is stunning with some many designers offering a stunning array of different styles. Once you have chosen the venue and the dress to match you are well on your way in the planning process and can relax a little!  Hit the internet and the shops and have fun. Make sure you also have two pairs of shoes – one to glide you down the aisle and keep you stunning throughout the click, click of formal photographs and another to be super comfortable during dinner and dancing!


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