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Wedding Cars

8 September 2016

Last weekend we visited the fabulous Concours of Elegance at Windsor Castle.  This wonderful event is a celebration of gorgeous and rare classic cars from around the world.  In addition, there were hundreds of other fine motor cars on show, less rare but still beautiful and desirable.

The event got me thinking (naturally) about wedding vehicles; How do you want to make your entrance as the bride? Do you need to transport guests en masse from the ceremony venue to the reception? What type of transport will complement the style of your wedding?

It is vital to properly plan this particularly important part of the whole celebration.  Of course budget is a consideration, but also, if you don’t book in advance, you risk being disappointed on the day.

Traditionally, we think of the bride arriving at the ceremony in a beautiful Rolls or Bentley, but these days the choice and availability of classic, quirky or unusual modes of transport is much greater and you can arrive in pretty much any style you can imagine.

And don’t forget, you don’t have to stick with cars – we have arranged helicopters, horse and carriage, speed boats and even a vintage double decker bus!


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