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Bridesmaids Dresses

10 August 2016

Last weekend I visited the very beautiful Slaugham Place in Sussex to celebrate the wedding of the daughter of a dear friend. This glorious setting incorporates the Grade II listed ruins of an Elizabethan manor house with it’s gorgeous gardens, moat and wooden bridge. It was a magical place for an enchanting wedding.

The bride in question is a beautiful, slim, very quirky, 30-something and she chose 6 of her best friends to be her bridesmaids. Whilst it is so great to be able to include your best friends to play such an important part in your special day, it is an area that can be fraught with sartorial danger. The main problem when dressing your adult bridesmaids is that one size/shape/style/length/colour very rarely fits all.  And we have all seen the results of getting this wrong.

The bridesmaids at this event looked spectacular – they agreed a colour which would suit them all, and then each wore a dress which suited them individually.  All the dresses were different styles, with the common theme being colour and length and to tie everything together each had a simple bouquet and cowboy boots (to match those of the bride)!! Marvellous – young, quirky and entirely fitting for the event.


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