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Linda Cooper Weddings : Luxury Wedding Planner

What bride doesn't expect her wedding to be the most magical and memorable day of her life? The skill is turning that fantasy into reality.

The organisation of so many diverse aspects to any wedding really does require the experience and well-trained eye of an expert: Linda Cooper is that expert, bringing her many years of detailed organisational experience to every wedding that she and her team create.  The planning of any of life’s major events necessitates relying on masters of the trade, whether that trade be floristry, technical design, entertainment, dress design or any of the hundreds of other details which need to be considered. 

Every aspect of a wedding requires precision and knowledge that comes only from years of focused experience and Linda Cooper Weddings continue to work with a variety of incredible suppliers who all possess those attributes.

Whether on a small or grand scale, traditional or contemporary, in a city or countryside setting, a wedding planned and organised by Linda Cooper Weddings will be the best .... and the most beautiful.

Before Linda and her team plan your wedding, we will want to get to know you - your character, your likes, your dislikes, your style and taste, and even your quirks; in essence a true Wedding Consultant approach essential to achieving the perfect working relationship.

The final result is an occasion that will surpass everything you ever dared dream of. A day that will embody style and elegance - a celebration so sensational that it will never be forgotten by you or your guests.

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